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Financial institutions are looking for tools to help drive growth in online sales, promote better security measures and ensure a frictionless customer authentication experience.

Aligned with PSD2 Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements, we offer TSYS InterActivSM ACS, our 3D secure Access Control Server solution based on the newest version of the 3-D Secure 2 authentication protocol.

TSYS InterAcitv ACS can be offered as a solution on premise or as a service for ecommerce decisioning across our hosting, processing or cloud-based deployment models.

Look to our e-commerce solutions to:

  • Work with PRIME Issuer or external CMS via integration interface
  • Reduce fraud and liability with growing base of 3-D Secure transactions
  • Support all major payment schemes on both 3-D Secure v1 and newest 3-D secure v2 protocol
  • Provide PSD2-compliant, strong customer authentication (SCA) processing with support for one-time passwords, 3-D Secure biometric authentication and facilitate out-of-band authentication
  • Support multi-lingual web screens for web browsers and mobile application RESTful APIs, to ensure uninterrupted purchases across devices and optimal customer experience
  • Support PSD2 merchant whitelisting with trusted beneficiaries for frictionless flow and dynamic linking for payment service added security
  • Derive benefit from enhanced data set to support internal, or external, risk-based assessment for frictionless authentication requirements and decisioning
  • Support on premise and service-driven business models


Additional Resources

Brochure: TSYS InterActiv ACS brochure