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TSYS InterActiv Interchange

Managing interchange is a complex process — from balancing the costs of payment acceptance while reimbursing all stakeholders who are involved in the payment process.

TSYS InterActivSM Interchange Pricing helps acquirers find opportunities through intelligent algorithms to minimise the complexities of acquiring. This means analysing interchange fees, computing the optimal pricing qualification, and enabling sophisticated analysis and transparent reporting of data.

Look to TSYS InterActiv Interchange Pricing to:

  • Leverage sophisticated analysis of evolving payment scheme updates through TSYS InterActiv technology
  • Identify optimal interchange qualification and assessment fee by analysing thousands of possible computations
  • Create supporting reports on merchant portfolios for business profitably
  • Encourage merchants volumes and loyalty through competitive pricing, including Interchange Plus (Plus)
  • Compliment PRIME Acquirer support for Merchant Commission Computation, transaction posting, merchant settlement and transaction routing to the schemes
  • Integrate with alternative third-party solutions