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Know Your Risk from the Beginning

When assessing new cards and merchant applications, it's crucial to get an accurate picture of the risk involved.

We created PRIMESM Application Management to help you with merchant application boarding and automated application risk inquiry. It integrates with Mastercard® MATCH (Member Alert to Control High-Risk Merchants) so you can assess risk status and evaluate merchant applications in real time.

Fine-tune the application process through tools that improve your risk-management strategy — and integrate with any in-house or third-party scoring system.

Look to PRIME Application Management to:

  • Integrate with core PRIME Acquirer, or interface with in-house or third parties for application decisioning and boarding
  • Utilise the MATCH global risk database for industry-proven risk assessment
  • Empower users through active decisioning prior to merchant agreement
  • Enable instant account activation — or even instant application decline