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Dynamic Currency

Take Charge of the Exchange

Today’s consumers look for convenience in every aspect of their shopping and payment experience - and simplicity is key. Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) allows cardholders to pay in their local currency, giving them the benefit of clearly understanding their spending while in another country. DCC also creates a new revenue opportunity for merchants and acquirers and helps increase loyalty with their customers.

Look to PRIMESM Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) to:

  • Provide flexible operational models to meet your needs:
    • PRIME DCC integration with third-party service providers for foreign exchange rates and DCC data
    • PRIME DCC integration with TSYS InterActivSM DCC Qualification to allow acquirers to utilise their own exchange rates and manage the complete DCC cycle and associated revenues
  • Support real-time currency updates to allow for market fluctuation and maintain competitiveness
  • Manage foreign exchange rates within PRIME to give full control over the rate and mark-up on DCC transactions
  • Support both Visa® and Mastercard® transactions using DCC
  • Enable merchant payment in local currency