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Your Single Solution for Fraud Reduction

Want to reduce fraud losses, strengthen customer relationships and protect your brand? With PRIMESM Fraudguard, you can do just that.

Our rules-based fraud detection and management solution can help you see up to a 60-percent decrease in fraud levels. It’s a single-platform solution that integrates card and merchant management with authorisation — in real time.

Look to our licensed PRIME Fraudguard solutions to:

  • Provide a web-based case management solution with both PRIME Issuer and PRIME Acquirer
  • Deliver a proven solution for fraud detection and monitoring with actionable results
  • Ensure high usability through flexible rules and transaction settings
  • Support growth strategies for evolving payment card types and schemes
  • Enable fraud monitoring in both real time and in batch mode
  • Lead with integrated alert capabilities, strengthening customer relationships
  • Reduce operational and chargeback costs