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Payment Gateway & Merchant Plug-In

E-Commerce Solutions for Acquirers

E-commerce has opened up new possibilities for cardholders, merchants and issuing institutions. But with opportunity comes risk. We’ve redesigned PRIMESM Payment Gateway to include support for Merchant Plug-In (MPI), to deliver a secure and robust e-commerce solution for acquirers and their participating 3D secure merchants.

Look to PRIME Payment Gateway & Merchant Plug-In to:

  • Reduce costs associated with chargebacks and benefit from increased online purchasing through improved cardholder confidence
  • Provide comprehensive, secure, scalable and seamlessly-integrated solution for 3D secure authentication
  • Deliver a secure e-commerce and Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) transaction processing for acquiring banks and their merchants
  • Maintain and drive merchant loyalty
  • Enable intuitive, easy-to-use web screens with easy administration for users
  • Support multi-institution and multi-currency capabilities, with multi-lingual screens and parameterised branding and marketing messages
  • Provide PCI-compliant support for all major payment schemes
  • Be highly resilient with replication to support disaster recovery and prevent downtime
  • Support risk mitigation through a secure PA DSS-compliant operating environment

Additional Resources

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