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Application Processing & Scoring

Reduce Risk from the Start

There's no doubt that your success depends on how well you can gauge risk in the card and merchant application process. PRIMESM Scorer can help with intelligent, automated application risk assessment.

Define your own rule sets and risk factors based on a weighted score card for individual products. PRIME Scorer means smart ways to improve your risk-management strategy through flexible tools and customised application processing. You can continue to leverage PRIME workflow capabilities to further automate and optimise score generation, evaluation and application decisioning processes.

Look to PRIME Scorer to:

  • Integrate with core PRIME issuing tools, existing score cards or custom-defined score cards
  • Provide the capability to interface with in-house or third parties
  • Optimise results with a rule-based solution, providing automated scoring and re-scoring tools to better assess risk and process applications
  • Empower you through user-defined, weighted rule sets for individual products, application templates and forms
  • Enable instant account activation ─ or instant application decline