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Consolidate Your Collections Process

Want to automate the collections process and reduce bad debt? Our PRIMESM Collector solution can take care of that and more.

It uses data and workflows across the PRIME Issuer solution to give a consolidated, single-customer view of outstanding debts. It also delivers powerful automated collection tools.

With this solution, institutions can assign different collection strategies — combined with flexible parameters, such as overdue and over-limit statuses — to each of their card products or customer segments to align closely with business requirements and goals.

Look to PRIME Collector to:

  • Provide comprehensive management of delinquent accounts
  • Fully integrate with the PRIME solution for enterprise-wide financial information, memos, history and statistics
  • Provide optional integration with third-party collection systems or collection agencies
  • Optimise collection processes and results through a web-based, user-friendly collection case management tool
  • Support user-defined collection settings, automation of status control and letter generation, intelligent collection histories and smart memo facilities
  • Automate reports to provide statistical and performance insights