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TSYS® is a thought leader in global payments. We make it part of our business to contribute useful reports and white papers to the industry’s expanding body of scholarly work. We feel this helps our clients and others in the industry continue to grow and innovate. You will find some of our offerings below, and we hope that you find them enjoyable and though-provoking. For a list of all TSYS white papers, visit

White Paper: Embracing the New Paradigm of Cloud Migration to Future-Proof Payments Technologies

In an attempt to keep pace with competitors, banks must recognise that collaboration between payment players and cloud service providers will help drive frictionless, more secure digital experiences for consumers. This study highlights this as of paramount importance in a world where resilient commerce through contactless interactions – at scale – is key.

Author: Written in association with Finextra Research, Global Payments and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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White Paper: European Fraud Trends

Fraud is a chess match and fraudsters are often one step ahead in the game. In fact, criminals are the best they've ever been at anticipating new moves the banks and merchants might make and finding vulnerabilities in the protection methods. The moment fraud management experts identify one pattern of attacks and develop a strategy to address it, fraudsters abandon the old and turn to something new.
Author: Jonathan Hancock, TSYS

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White Paper: Engaging Customers: Why Should FIs Move Toward a 'Bring Your Own Persona' Approach?

Technological advances such as social media, mobile devices and data analytics are changing the way businesses around the world operate — and that includes the financial services industry. In this white paper, TSYS® and FICO® explore how card issuers can differentiate themselves in the digital era by radically improving their customer segmentation approach. This new model — referred to as 'bring your own persona' (BYOP) — is built upon understanding how different consumers embrace technology and, just as critically, trust their FI with their privacy and data.
Author: Morgan Beard, TSYS

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Research Paper: 2015 UK Consumer Payments Study

TSYS® is pleased to offer you a complimentary copy of our inaugural 2015 UK Consumer Payments Study. The report includes information on key consumer payment preferences and new insights on a range of popular industry topics. We continue to strive to provide relevant information to help our clients and others with payment strategies and initiatives while also creating a useful tool for discussion of current and future trends in the industry. We’re increasingly asked by the industry to share insight on where the market is headed and how we can help our clients turn challenges into opportunities. The survey is designed to facilitate observation of trends in respondents’ answers year over year, and it will be repeated on a regular basis. Whether you are a client or an industry participant, we hope you will find the report to be meaningful as you contemplate key issues for your business and our industry.
Author: Morgan Beard, TSYS

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Improving ATM Cash Planning: Using Economic Indicators to Increase Profitability

This paper discusses the importance of accurate ATM cash planning in particular for emerging markets with ATM networks with multiple currencies, such as Russia and the CIS. The paper further lays out recommendations for improving cash management and optimization, while pointing to economic indicators that can help banks reduce the risks associated with disruptive economic events, in particular in developing and transitional economies.
Author: Andrei Povarov, TSYS

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Implementing a Successful Commercial Card Program in Turkey

Turkey is a country known for its strategic importance and active economic and political roles on both sides of the European/Asian divide. The high activity level does not end with geopolitics, however; Turkey has a very active commercial cards and payments market.
Author: Berrak Ciftci, TSYS

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Branchless Banking: Africa, the Middle East & Pakistan

Branchless banking allows banks to better serve a variety of mass consumer segments, whether they are those with limited access to bank branches or those with low account balances. The lives of these unbanked could be improved through access to the most basic array of banking services, such as deposits, savings, installment loans, simplified and secure remittances and bill payment.
Author: Malek Mroueh, TSYS

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The Next Frontier: The Convergence of Social Media & Payments in India & Southeast Asia

This report looks at the adoption levels of popular social networks in India and Southeast Asia, and how their fast growth could influence consumer banking preferences — whether for purchases, transactions, or information. Combining data from TSYS market research, it explores how payment technologies are likely to evolve and converge with social media, including through the offering of peer-to-peer payment technologies that can facilitate small-value and micropayment transactions.
Author: Amit Sethi, TSYS

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Incredible India! M-Payments & Prepaid Poised to Define Financial Institutions' Delivery of Banking & Payment Services to Rural India

Today it's fairly common to see a passenger board an international flight in New York by presenting a smart phone loaded with an e-boarding pass or a train in Italy by displaying a quick response code-enabled e-ticket on an iPad. Mobile transactions are catching on in developed markets as consumers increasingly move away from computers and on to a new generation of mobile devices. The next wave of electronic transactions — mobile payments, or m-payments — is on the verge of surging.
Author: Amit Sethi, TSYS

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