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Industry Trade Associations

Engaging with the Industry

In today's world, it is more important than ever to share knowledge and insights to collaborate through meaningful dialogues.

Whether to overcome the evolving challenges that fraudsters pose or to help achieve financial inclusion across emerging markets, TSYS® actively engages with industry trade associations around the world to help drive the payments industry forward.

Prepaid International Forum (PIF)

We are a founding member of the Prepaid International Forum (PIF), a not-for-profit trade association formed in 2007 to promote the relevance, attributes and benefits of prepaid payment solutions to end users, industry stakeholders and regulators and act as a catalyst for the creation of an environment where prepaid products are well understood and can thrive.

We are also patrons of the PIF chapters across India and the Middle East, and fully support the forum’s commitment to the progression of the prepaid industry, acting as a principal point of liaison between the prepaid economy and government agencies, regulators, consumer bodies and the media. We liaise with and educate regulators on the intricacies of prepaid and e-money, as well as provide support and education to proponents of prepaid throughout the world.

For more information about PIF, contact +44 (0) 7736 971986 or

European ATM Security Team (EAST)

We are a member of the ‘not-for-profit’ European ATM Security Team (EAST). Founded in February 2004, EAST is committed to gathering and providing information to the European ATM industry to facilitate effective representation of ATM related security issues at relevant European central institutions, through a pan-European coordination of ATM security resources. The group also focuses on all payment terminals that have a direct impact on crime perpetrated at ATM locations.

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council

We are a Participation Organisation (PO) in The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council. The council is a global forum that develops, maintains and manages the PCI security standards in order to achieve and improve payment card account data security worldwide. While embracing new technologies as they are developed, the council seeks involvement by all sectors of the industry, providing POs with the opportunity to influence the direction of PCI data security standards.

PCI Security Standards Website

The Berlin Group - NextGenPSD2 Initiative

The Berlin Group is a pan-European payments interoperability standards and harmonisation initiative with the primary objective of defining open and common standards in the interbank domain. In 2017, TSYS participated in the group’s public market consultation built around the harmonised NextGenPSD2 European API Standard for accessing bank accounts. In 2018, TSYS will sponsor the Berlin Group-hosted NextGenPSD2 Conference for its second consecutive year.