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Hybrid Business Models to Suit Evolving Business Needs

Changes are afoot. The way businesses utilise their technology, manage their data and access their software applications is changing. PRIMESM as a Service is our answer to global financial institutions looking for new alternative ways to host and manage their software while minimising their CapEx investment, and prioritising OpEx expenditure.

Based on our trusted PRIME platform, our PRIME as a Service business model consists of PRIME Hosting and PRIME Application Management options. Simply put, you license your own version of the PRIME platform, and we host in a TSYS® state of-the-art data centre and manage the application through our dedicated TSYS team of PRIME experts.

Or alternatively, you license the PRIME software and deploy in your own data centre, a partner data centre of your choice, or the Cloud — and leverage the TSYS PRIME Application Management team to do the heavy lifting and securely manage the application for you remotely.


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