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Prepaid International Forum Webinar

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Prepaid International Forum (PIF) Webinar Compares and Contrasts Prepaid Market Trends in Key Markets

International not-for-profit trade association, Prepaid International Forum (PIF), has announced highlights from the first in a series of two incisive webinars on prepaid market trends around the world.

The series is designed to provide insights on emerging trends and opportunities for prepaid solutions with Peter Sidenius, Managing Director, Edgar, Dunn & Company and member of the PIF Board of Directors, leading the sessions entitled: "The Global Potential for Prepaid Cards: Part 1".

  • Listen to webinar (series 1) recording here
  • Register your details below to download the presentation slides for webinar (series 1) – exploring the prepaid landscape in Europe, the Middle East and North America.

The Prepaid International Forum (PIF) is a principal trade association for the prepaid industry. We believe that prepayment is a responsible way to pay for goods and services, and that consumers should be confident in the security of prepaid services and the money that is stored on their behalf.

Established in 2006 as a not-for-profit organisation, PIF works closely with industry, regulators, government departments, consumer bodies and the media to promote understanding of prepaid as well as providing support and education to proponents of prepaid worldwide.